Approved Inspector Services

What We Do

Morgan Wolff offer the following services in relation to building regulation approval in the construction industry.

Pre-Contract Service

In relation to compliance with current building regulations, our clients benefit from a no win no fee design, development and pre-tender advice service. Existing approved inspector clients are offered a free education programme on new and existing building regulation topics. We also offer general building regulation advice on a continual basis.

Post-Contract Service

Building Control services are provided in accordance with the Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations. Jointly signed Initial Notices produced by us as approved inspectors are served on the local authority. Mandatory consultations are conducted with the relevant Fire Authority to attain an agreed Fireplan. When plans of the work have been checked by us for building regulation compliance, if required, we will issue a Plans Certificate.

Site inspections of the work in progress and production of site inspection reports. Following inspections and acceptable completion of the work, we will issue a Final Certificate.

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