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Building Regulations are national standards which apply to all types of buildings, from major new developments to an extension to your home. They cover all aspects of construction, including foundations, damp-proofing, the overall stability of the building, insulation, ventilation, heating, fire protection and means of escape in case of fire. They also ensure that adequate facilities for people with disabilities are provided in certain types of building.

Building Regulations are constantly being updated. They consist of parts A - P. A brief explanation of each is listed below. The full text can be viewed by using the hyperlink.

A - Structure

This section is concerned with ensuring that the structural stability of the building is maintained. Areas covered include design of foundations, walls, floors and roof components.

B - Fire Safety

Includes the provision of satisfactory fire escape routes, preventing fire spreading both within and to other buildings and providing good access and fire fighting facilities for the Fire Services.
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C - Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture

Contains the recommendations of making sure your property remains free from damp penetration, condensation, from any contamination that may be in the ground, and watertight.

D - Toxic Substances

Provides guidance on the prevention of toxic substances permeating into the building when inserting insulation into cavity walls.

E - Resistance to the Passage of Sound

Recommends the provision of adequate levels of sound insulation between dwellings, flats and certain other types of rooms and buildings.

F - Ventilation 2006 edition

Provides for adequate levels of ventilation to buildings and prevention of condensation forming in roof voids.

G - Hygiene

Is concerned with providing sanitary conveniences and adequate washing facilities. The section also recommends safety precautions associated with un-vented hot water storage systems.

H - Drainage and Waste Disposal

This section deals with the disposal of foul and storm water drainage together with details for solid waste storage (household refuse).

J - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems

This covers provisions when installing either solid fuel, gas or oil fired heating appliances.

K - Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact

This is concerned with staircase design, headroom, handrails, balustrading and guarding of landings, balconies and other raised areas.

L - Conservation of Fuel and Power 2006 edition

Provides comprehensive advice regarding the provision of adequate thermal insulation to all parts of the building. This section also provides design criteria for space heating and hot water storage.

M - Access to and use of buildings

This section deals with the design of buildings to enable all people to gain access, and be able to use the facilities of the building. It also makes provisions for people with sight or impaired hearing limiting their ability to walk or requiring them to use a wheelchair for mobility.

P - Electrical Safety Dwellings 2006 edition

This part applies to electrical installation work in dwellings, common parts to dwellings and associated gardens.

Q - Security

R - Electronic Communications

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